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"Scorching lyrics. The humble nuance and the honest heart of the
little guy."
                           Dave Hoekstra - Chicago Sun-Times

"Literate, frequently poetic."
                             Lynn Van Matre - Chicago Tribune

"As I listened to Farrell, my mind drifted back to another time - to the days when minstrels like Farrell traveled through the anthracite region, singing at weddings and wakes for shots and beers. They helped stoke the fire of spirit that burned in the hearts of men whose only possession was a pocketful of pride."
               Steve Corbett - The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA

"Chris Farrell has become a first rate songwriter, especially in his ballads imitative of the traditional style."

                               Rich Warren - WFMT, Chicago   

"The rich imagery of the scenes Farrell sketches reveals new anecdotes and surprises with every listen."
                                Mick Hanna - Illinois Entertainer

"If I had a voice like Chris Farrell, I wouldn't have to tell jokes."
 Art Thieme - "The Flea Market" - WBEZ, Chicago

"Very moving."
                                Studs Terkel - WFMT, Chicago
"A vast variety of insightful, often quite humorous topics."
                               WFMT Folk Festival, Chicago
"What separates this musician from other folksingers is his ability to mix his subjects and the treatment he gives them."​
                             Ed Konrady - Herald News Group
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