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Photo by Donna Adler

Chris Farrell and Victor Sanders have been collaborating on Stage

and in the studio for over 25 years. They've co-produced two studio

albums and played live venues ranging from intimate coffee houses

to large outdoor festivals. Victor's guitar playing balances a playful

imagination with his boundless musical and technical knowledge.

His masterful use of the electric guitar and a well-eqipped pedal

board create sounds and arrangements that are sometimes hard to

believe come from a six string guitar. Victor's special skill is adding

just what each song needs. Whether it's laying back and bringing in

gentle textures to the quiet tunes or going all out in Hendrix/Paige

style on the big numbers, Victor will be there.

Available as a duo or with added bass and/or percussion.

Victor Sanders was a founding member of the

popular Electro-Folk ensemble, "Care of the Cow"

from 1972-1982, sharing stages with Tom Waits,

Steve Goodman, Ben Sidran, Tom Rush and many

other top acts of the day. He also toured with the Chicago pop-rock band, "Straightface" from 1983-  1986. His jazz-fusion group, "Night on Earth" was signed to Bart records in 1995.

For that Bigger Sound

Chris Farrell is available with guitar wizard Victor Sanders

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